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Plastic Scintillators

Plastic Scintillators
Available in a wide variety of sizes and geometries, machined to customer specifications.

Liquid Scintillator

Liquid Scintillators
Available in bottles or sealed in aluminum or glass cells.

WLS products

Wavelength Shifters
Available in sheet material or as paint for making thin films.

Acrylic Plastic 

Light Guides and Acrylic Plastic
Used for uniform light collection from a scintillator.

Neutron Detector Products

Neutron Detectors
Specially designed scintillators for fast neutron or thermal neutron detection.

ZnS Coated Products

Zinc Sulfide Coated
ZnS:Ag coated plastic sheets or plastic scintillator sheets designed for alpha or alpha/beta detection.


Products for detector assembly and photosensor coupling.