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Plastic Scintillators


Eljen Technology's plastic scintillators are based on a plastic matrix of polyvinyltoluene and fluors necessary to give each plastic scintillator its unique properties. Our plastic scintillators are available in a variety of different geometries, including cast sheets, blocks, rods, cylinders, thin films, and annuli. Custom sizes and geometries are available for most of these products. All plastic scintillators are cut to customer specified dimensions and machined to ensure the best optical properties on all surfaces.

Custom plastic scintillator detector assemblies are also available. Such assemblies generally include acrylic light-guides, light-tight wrapping, and one or more photomultiplier tube assemblies (includes photomultiplier tube, voltage divider, Mu-shielding and light-tight housing). Please contact us regarding your specific requirements.



Material Description/Application
EJ-200 Best overall general properties Pilot F BC-408
EJ-204 Good general properties, Use with green WLS NE-104 BC-404
EJ-208 Good general properties, High attenuation length NE-110 BC-412
EJ-212 Good general properties, Thin films NE-102A BC-400
EJ-214 Ultra-thin films (25 µm), Formerly EJ-299-07 - -
EJ-228 Very fast timing, High pulse pair resolution, Small sizes (<10cm) Pilot U BC-418
EJ-230 Variant of EJ-228, Used for detector dimensions exceeding 10cm Pilot U2 BC-420
EJ-232 Very fast timing, Use with blue WLS, Small sizes (<10cm) NE-111A BC-422
EJ-232Q Variant of EJ-232, Quenched for ultra-fast timing - BC-422Q
EJ-240 Long decay time NE-115 BC-444
EJ-244 Elevated temperature, Analog to EJ-208, General purpose - BC-440
EJ-244M Variant of EJ-244, Crosslinked - BC-440M
EJ-248 Elevated temperature, Analog to EJ-200, General purpose - BC-448
EJ-248M Variant of EJ-248, Crosslinked - -
EJ-254 Boron loaded - BC-454
EJ-256 Lead loaded, X-rays, Dosimetry NE-142 BC-452
EJ-260 Green-emitting, Solid-state sensors NE-103 BC-428
EJ-262 Green-emitting, Solid-state sensors - -
EJ-276D PSD plastic, Fast neutron-gamma discrimination - -
EJ-290 Scintillator casting resin, General purpose NE-120 BC-490
EJ-296 Scintillator paint, Used to make thin films - BC-498
EJ-299-33A PSD plastic, Fast neutron-gamma discrimination, Cylinders
(Replaced by EJ-276D)
- -
EJ-299-34 PSD plastic, Fast neutron-gamma discrimination, Small bar arrays
(Replaced by EJ-276D)
- -
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