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Liquid Scintillators


The versatility of liquid scintillation detectors provides an excellent means of approaching many problems in the detection of nuclear radiation. For many years, Eljen Technology has provided the greatest variety of liquid scintillators available from any commercial source. The range includes standard liquid scintillators for pulse shape discrimination applications, for internal sample counting or external detection of radiation, and loaded liquids for neutron and gamma detection.

Liquid scintillators can be supplied ready for immediate use encapsulated at the factory in sealed aluminum or glass cells in a variety of types made to the customer's required dimensions.  Liquid scintillators in liter quantities are also supplied in bottles or drums sealed under inert gas.

All liquid scintillators should be stored in clean, dry, sealed containers under an atmosphere of inert gas. Materials suitable for construction of containers in contact with liquid scintillators are glass, tin-plated steel, chrome steel, stainless steel, aluminum, indium and Teflon®. The stability of each liquid in the presence of other materials should be determined before a large amount of liquid is committed. After being transferred to a cell or tank the scintillator should be deoxygenated by sparging with pure nitrogen or argon for a duration of time proportional to the cell size immediately before sealing in order to achieve excellent PSD performance.

Complete detector assemblies are also available which incorporate an aluminum cell and a PMT in a light-tight metal housing.



EJ-301 PSD liquid, Fast neutron-gamma discrimination NE-213 BC-501A
PSD liquid, Fast neutron-gamma discrimination, High flash point,
Low chemical toxicity, Compatible with acrylic plastics
- -
EJ-309B Variant of EJ-309 with natural boron loading - -
EJ-313 Hydrogen-free, Neutron studies NE-226 BC-509
EJ-315 Deuterated benzene, Neutron studies NE-230 BC-537
EJ-321L Mineral oil based, Large tanks, Fast neutron and gamma, Cosmics NE-235L BC-517L
Mineral oil based, Large tanks, High light output, PSD,
Fast neutron and gamma discrimination
 NE-235H   BC-517H 
Mineral oil based, High flash point, Safe to use with gray PVC plastic
- BC-517P
Mineral oil based, Highest light output of EJ-321 series
- BC-517S
Mineral oil based, PSD, Fast neutron and gamma discrimination
NE-235C BC-519
Gd loaded, High light output, Fast neutrons, Neutrinos
NE-323 BC-521
Gd loaded, Mineral oil based, Large tanks, Fast neutrons, Neutrinos
- BC-525
10B loaded, Neutron spectrometry, PSD
(Discontinued, see EJ-309B)
NE-321A BC-523A
Dioxane based cocktail for aqueous samples
NE-220 BC-573
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