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EJ-550, EJ-552




These two materials are offered for use in optically coupling photosensors to scintillators and light guides. They are packaged in convenient squeeze tubes. Both have low bleed and evaporation rates at 25°C and are safe for handling and storage when exercising standard cleanliness procedures.

EJ-550 Optical Grade Silicone Grease is a clear and colorless optical coupling compound having moderate viscosity and providing excellent transmission properties well into the near-ultraviolet region. It should be stored at temperatures below 26°C, preferably below 5°C. EJ-550 retains clarity and fluid property down to -60°C.

EJ-552 General Purpose Silicone Grease is a translucent grease having high viscosity. It is recommended for use where the very best optical coupling is not required. It is best pressed out to a thickness below 0.1 mm where it becomes nearly transparent. It is best stored at room temperature.


Specific Gravity 1.06 1.06
Refractive Index
1.46 1.47
Package Size 450 g (1 lb jar)
150 g
90 g
30 g
150 g


EJ-550 Transmission

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