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EJ-560 silicone rubber has been developed specifically for making optical joints between photosensors and plastic scintillators. The rubber material is quite soft and flexible and can be made to conform to contoured surfaces. It is a fully-cured polymer designed so its surfaces are slightly sticky to the touch, and it can be deformed under mild pressure. Nevertheless, it does not flow like a grease and will not extrude irreversibly out of its compression region, making it ideal for long-term coupling of photomultiplier tubes to scintillators.

EJ-560 is available in either pre-cut discs or sheet form. The sheet material can easily be cut to size with razor blades or scissors. All EJ-560 products are shipped with the surfaces masked with an easily removed thin film.

EJ-560 rubber will easily adhere to any smooth surface and can also easily be peeled away without damaging either component. If the EJ-560 surfaces become covered with dust, their adhesive properties will be diminished. However, they can be cleaned with the aid of any lower alcohol, such as isopropyl alcohol, and restored to their original condition.


 Density (g/cc) 1.03
 Hardness, Shore A 16-24
 Refractive Index 1.43
 Operating Temperature Range (°C)  -40 to 70 
 Thermal Expansion Coefficient (cm/cm per °C) 
3 x 10-4


EJ-560 Transmission

Printable PDFs

Standard Sizes

  • 1 mm
  • 1.5 mm
  • 2 mm
  • 3 mm
  • 28 mm
  • 38 mm
  • 51 mm
  • Custom diameters ranging from 10 - 125 mm
Sheet, Max. Size:
  • 330 mm × 530 mm (1 - 3 mm thick)
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