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Eljen Technology offers a variety of materials necessary to make complete detector assemblies using our scintillator products. These products include: optical cement for scintillator connection joints, reflective paint for plastic scintillators, reflective paint for liquid scintillator containers, silicone grease or silicone rubber pads for photomultiplier tube coupling, and various protective wrapping materials. 



 Material  Description/Application
EJ-500 Optical cement  NE-580  BC-600
EJ-510 White reflector paint for plastics NE-560 BC-620
EJ-520 White reflector paint for liquids
NE-561  BC-622A 
EJ-550 Optical grade silicone grease - BC-630
EJ-552 General purpose silicone grease - -
EJ-554 Black vinyl tape - BC-638
EJ-556 Protective adhesive paper masking - BC-640
EJ-558 Protective adhesive transparent plastic masking  - -
EJ-560 Silicone rubber optical interface - BC-634A



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