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EJ-351 is a scintillation cocktail based on highly purified dioxane and is identical to the original NE-220. It is intended primarily for alpha and beta detection in counting water-based solutions of sugars and salts as well as body fluids such as urine and blood serum. It can also be used to assay tritiated water. Since it is dioxane-based, it offers very high light output and is relatively resistant to quenching.  Water can be added to EJ-351 in quantities up to 10% of the final solution mixture.


Light Output (% Anthracene) 65
Scintillation Efficiency (photons/1 MeV e-)
Wavelength of Maximum Emission (nm) 425
Decay Time, Short Component (ns) 3.8
Specific Gravity 1.036
Refractive Index 1.442
Flash Point (°C) 12
Boiling Point (°C at 1 atm) 104
No. of H Atoms per cm3 (x1022) 5.32
No. of C Atoms per cm3 (x1022) 3.23
No. of O Atoms per cm3 (x1022) 1.14
No. of Electrons per cm3 (x1023) 2.47


EJ-351 Emission Spectrum