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EJ-290 is a partially-polymerized plastic scintillator formulated for final curing in the user's facilities at a relatively low temperature. It is supplied in a kit form consisting primarily of the scintillator resin and a polymerization initiator.  Upon combining the ingredients in accordance with the provided instructions, a solid plastic scintillator can be made at a relatively low polymerization temperature.  The final scintillation and physical properties are quite similar to those of the conventional blue-emitting plastic scintillator EJ-212.

Click the link in the side-menu for instructions on how to use EJ-290. Typical shelf life for this product is approximately 3 months when tightly sealed and stored in a cool place, preferably in a refrigerator.


Light Output (% Anthracene) 58
Scintillation Efficiency (photons/1 MeV e-)
Wavelength of Maximum Emission (nm) 423
Decay Time (ns) ~ 3
No. of H Atoms per cm3 (x1022) 5.17
No. of C Atoms per cm3 (x1022) 4.67
No. of Electrons per cm3 (x1023) 3.33
Density (g/cm3) 1.02


Polymer Base Polyvinyltoluene
Refractive Index 1.58
Softening Point 75°C
Vapor Pressure Vacuum-compatible
Coefficient of Linear Expansion 7.8 x 10-5 below 67°C


EJ-290 Emission Spectrum

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